Sunday, 8 August 2010

Random update

Been a few days since I've been on my blog...

Guess I'll just randomly update, not that I've been doing much, that might interest others.

5th Aug I went to my Uncle's house up in Milton Keynes to spend some time with my cousins. It was pretty good and I got more play time on the Wii... Only my 2nd time playing, probably the first console I actually like o_O Cousin gifted me some Iced Tea that I like too. 

On Saturday I spent some time with my grandfather, which is always such a pleasure. After spending time with him, I went shopping with my mother, for rakhis [ A tie for your wrist for Brother-Sister day ] It's an Indian festival. Best part of that day though, was eating out, got to eat a lot of food that I was craving for!

Seems like other plans are being arranged for this week too! Might be going to a posh pizza/pasta place on Tuesday, with my mother to meet up with one of her friends. Hope other plans can be made too!

Anyway I'll leave it here for my random update.... 

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alwizhyper said...

invest in a WII! :D