Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Miss Alwizhyper aka Jescy ♥

What can I tell you about Jesc? The most obvious thing would be, that she's always hyper? That though, doesn't even cover the person that she is....

Way back in Feb '07, I stumbled upon a game called 'Audition: Dance Battle Online'. I was surely addicted to this game, and there are several servers located all around the world. I started my dance journey off in the SEA server. [Note: SEA stands for South East Asia]
Unfortunately due to some random circumstances, I had to stop playing on that server!

I was then forced to find another server where I could keep playing this game, with people I would enjoy the game with... Afterall anyone can tell you, a game isn't that fun without friends or anyone to play with. So after all my searching a few old friends from the SEA server invited me to play the Korean server, and helped me make an account.

I found it sooooo weird, as I couldn't read Korean and the people there, were so pro, that I used to never want to enter the rooms, not just the Koreans but the English speaking community too! I was like...'Uh oh what have I got myself into', 'What if these people don't want to play with a noob like me', 'Will anyone like me?'

It wasn't as bad as I had thought, though things were tough at the start... Making new friends, it felt like the first day at school again, you know? Not knowing anyone, then making your first friend, and then etc etc.

'Kay so now I'm gonna skip everything else and get to the point where I met Jesc. As far as I remember I met Jesc, very early October, she was quite popular amongst all the players. We were often in a room together. Now I have a random habit, on that game, and that is when I hear a person wanting a cash item... even if I don't know them I'll most likely gift it to them! I overheard Jesc wanting a pair of shoes, and TADAAA! She was going to get them, some of you might say I bought our friendship....
But to me, I was just making someone happy, and happy she was!
We talked a lot more after that, discussed things we liked and what not and hung out together a lot more.

Things were going great, until she mentioned that she was going to go to Brisbane in February to study, I was thinking in my head... 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'.
Obviously because she had become a friend I depended on in the server, and someone I enjoyed spending time with, but of course I understood that it was for her studies, and was happy for her!
Though doom clouds soon descended upon me, I wouldn't be online for the days that she would be leaving due to myself not being well, so I emailed her!
I still remember she said she would send me the entire Australian Zoo! :O!

Time passed and she was studying now, I barely got to see her online, but my life was moving on the server too, I had made many more friends, and though they occupied my mind. I always missed Jesc in the back of my mind... Waiting for the random days she'd come online to hear the gossip. Soon though that habit became extinct :( I must've not talked to her for an entire year, but I would still follow her facebook and saw that she was keeping well, which was enough for me!

However last year... I can't remember when now, must've been just before she finished her last normal year of studying. I decided that I couldn't let this go on, I MUST GET MY FRIEND BACK! So I did....

The rest is kind of history for us hehehe. 'Cause now we'll talk on a daily basis, as long as we're not busy with outside stuff.
I love talking with her, most people will know that I often do not show my girly side at all, but with Jesc I am comfortable to do just that. I can be girly around her, talk about girly things and not like be uncomfortable with it, as I have been in the past.
She is one of the most loveliest peoples you will ever meet, if you ever get to meet her and talk to her, you'll know!  She's also a stunning young lady, pretty but with manners. Not too up herself like most pretty people can be o.o!

Just as of Monday, we've been ritualizing having webchats and they've been fun... Though I LOOK ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!! But any conversation with her is a fun one.
She also has a blog account on here... and as of late when I read her blogs, something sparks inside of me wanting to do the same... so here I am... doing the same!

Anyway I will leave now and leave you with a picture of our randomness....
[ I print screened this with my elbow so that's why I look soooooo bad! Hehe ]


alwizhyper said...

OMFG!! YOU DEDICATED AN ENTRY TO ME?!! A FRIGGIN' ENTIRE ENTRY?!! you shouldnt have!! :< im not that a great person you know...and im still upset that i cant get on KAU anymore because i have pleasant memories and my first ever cash gift item from you!

i was like, this person is so nice. why she giving me things? why?!! nice people like her DOESNT EXIST IN THE WORLD! but apparently they do.. :) we should webchat more and spaz out like crazy idiots you know.

love ya hema! thank you for this lovely lovely lovely entry! im so going to link this!

Ħemzi said...

LOL Spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Yes more webchats pl0x!!!

@ you shouldnt have!! :< im not that a great person you know...

Well you are to me =) So... in your own words... TURF!