Monday, 30 May 2011

Alaplaya: A Dream Come True @ Audition EU

26th June 2008

I started thinking that this day would be normal. Every little thing about this day was average and there was nothing to say that this would change. However, I came into Audition Town that afternoon, and saw that a normal battle party room was in need of one more player! I thought that with my experience of the game, I was skilled enough to help win against a few NPCs. So I entered the room...

I should let you all know at this moment in time, that since I began to battle party, it was a dream of mine to beat a normal NPC's score and to be 1st! I had begun to lose hope that it would ever happen though, the chain of perfects that were needed were unbelievable and I could never chain when I desired in battles. 

Anyway, back to my story there we were 5 players and 1 NPC. I pressed F1 to ready and we began to conquer NPC after NPC, adrenaline was rushing through me and it was like nothing could stop me. 

Back in the room, the DJ changed the NPC, more money was coming my way I could feel it. The song B Soul Funk, 104bpm. Tori the NPC. Here we go... I press F1 again, the loading screen pops up, we're in the room and B Soul Funk starts to play...

*Type my arrows* *Smash the space bar* a few small chains already... then I start to get disappointed, only greats were coming from my presses and that's when it started... x1... x2.... x3 and the chain kept going x9, I'm thinking in my head OH MY GOODNESS and I could hear my heart pounding x12 ... x13! Would I make x14?! 

*Smash Space* Noooooooooo a great! Although, even if it was a great it felt like a huge tension to keep up the chain had gone! Another few smashes of the space bar and I had another lengthy x9 chain and the game was coming to an end. I finished first, with a score that was over 1million! 

Even though I was helping them, the room was not amused they thought I was hacking, which made me sad, because I knew I was not! However, even with the doubt that I was not an honest player, the feeling of my dream finally coming true on Audition overcame the shadows that wanted to loom upon it.

I won over a normal NPC how brilliant! Alaplaya Audition is where that dream came true!

Now for the next challenge GO GO X20!

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